DON PIFF was born in Indianapolis , Indiana. Growing up on the east side of town he would meet fellow high school classmates Zakk Lo and Spaid da Don. With their common interests in music the three formed the rap trio TROUBLED YOUTH. In 2008 TROUBLED YOUTH released their debut album “No Child Left Behind’, and in 2010 the group would follow up with the album “Age of Consent”. Following the groups success, Don Piff in 2012 released his debut solo album “Above the Clouds”. The successful release of “Above the Clouds” increased Don Piff’s popularity landing him spots on various hip-hop blogs and websites. In addition, Don Piff was able to secure his own Pandora station reaching an even broader audiences worldwide. 2014 would bring yet another change for Don Piff, as he and TROUBLED YOUTH  combined forces with the group RIO GANG to collectively form GURU GANG. As a member of GURU GANG Don Piff was a key contributor on both releases “DMT” and “Lab Experiments”. Don Piff currently can be seen performing at various hip hop venues throughout Indiana. Don Piff alongside  Zakk Lo is scheduled to release their duo album “HEADRAPS” in early 2016.