Spaid Da Don was born Patrick Bluitt in Indianapolis, IN on Jan. 25, 1993. At age 3, Spaid moved with his family to Tennessee where he was exposed to a variety of hip hop, r&b, and soul music. It was after hearing Kanye West’s College Dropout that Spaid’s interest in hip hop music began to peak. By 2006 Spaid’s family moved back to his home town of Indianapolis. A few years later Spaid first began recording at his classmate and future group member Zakk Lo’s bedroom studio. In 2009 Spaid, Zakk Lo, and longtime friend Don Piff form the rap trio Troubled Youth releasing their debut ep “No Child Left Behind”. The following year the group released their second ep “Age of Consent”. By 2014 Troubled Youth along with Rio Gang members merged to form Guru Gang releasing mixtape “DMT” and ep “Lab Expierments.